Ten Delicious Mexican Foods

Ten Delicious Mexican Foods

Maybe I’m writing this post because it’s dinnertime and I’m hungry, or maybe just because I miss Mexican food.

Either way, I thought today I would share with you my top 10 Mexican Foods (in no particular order).

My Top 10 Mexican Foods

  1. Tacos al pastor – a typical taco you’ll find in taquerias everywhere in Mexico. It’s pork meat marinated and garnished with pineapple, onions, cilantro, and salsa.
  2. Enchiladas – Janell’s favorite Mexican food is enchiladas. She likes them with green salsa, and I like “Enchiladas Suizas”, which have cheese on them.
  3. Chilaquiles – mostly a breakfast food, it’s hardened tortillas with salsa, onions, and (sometimes) chicken.
  4. Pozole – A delicious soup with pork or chicken and hominy.
  5. Tortilla soup – tomato based soup with strips of tortillas.
  6. Alambre con queso – Janell’s favorite thing to order at the taco joint, alambre is a mixture of beef, pork, cheese, and peppers that is served on a tortilla.
  7. Arrachera – a delicious cut of beef grilled to perfection. Sometimes, they are selling this outside the grocery store where they’ll grill it up for you.
  8. Tres leche cake – Super moist and tasty cake with milk poured over it.
  9. Flan – Flan is flan. And it’s yummy.
  10. Tacos de pollo – “dorados” are delicious, hard fried tacos with chicken inside.

Hungry yet? I sure am. I post often about food. Here are some videos I’ve made about Mexican food:

Five places to visit in Mexico City (Part 2)

Five places to visit in Mexico City (Part 2)

I love living in Mexico City. I love the fact that I can go see so many things here just by getting in my car or taking public transportation.

Most people would have to hop on an airplane and travel a long way to see these sites.

If you are ever visiting Mexico, here are five more places to visit in Mexico City.

  1. Chapultepec Castle: The Castle in Chapultepec is a great place to visit. It’s where Maximilian lived while he was emperor of Mexico.
  2. Anthropology Museum: An interesting place to see the history of all the different people that have lived in Mexico and who make it what it is today.
  3. Mexico City Post office: I love the post office’s building and architecture. Inside, there is a huge staircase, and it’s just a beautiful place overall. It’s located beside the Palacio de Bellas Artes (the Fine Arts Palace), and it won’t take much time to visit, but it is a work of art.
  4. Basilica de Guadalupe: The second most visited Catholic site in the world, after the Vatican, is a gigantic complex that will help you understand more about Mexico’s culture, religion, and people. Here’s a video of the Basilica de Guadalupe and the Castle of Chapultepec.
  5. Xochimilco – sort of like Mexico’s Venice, it’s a great place to experience traditional Mexico City. (Xochimilco pictures 1, pictures 2, video of mariachi band, video of more music in Xochimilco, another video of Xochimilco

See Part 1 of my “Places to See in Mexico City” series here.

Be sure to check out my other blog all about Mexico City at www.chilingo.com.

Honduras – Day 4: Finally Home

Honduras – Day 4: Finally Home

We got to the airport today with plenty of time for our flight to Guatemala City, and the line was almost out the door at the airport. It turns out that they were canceling the flight to Guatemala, and they re-routed us through El Salvador. We had to run to the gate, and barely made it on the flight.

When we arrived in Mexico City, we waited in line for an hour in immigration. But, despite the travel problems, we are home. It feels good to be home.

I’m glad I went on the trip. I had a good meeting with a key pastor, and now I know a little more about the country of Honduras. So, anyone out there interested in training youth workers in Honduras? Maybe you could be part of our team in Latin America.

Honduras – Day 3: Pewter Factory

Honduras – Day 3: Pewter Factory

After I spent the morning in downtown and central park in Tegucigalpa, we went to a pewter store to buy souvenirs. The owners are friends with my friend, so they gave us a tour of the factory, too.

Pewter is pretty interesting stuff. The steps they take to make pewter decorations are very interesting. We saw the guys making the molds for the pewter pieces, heating up the metal to make the pewter, and cleaning the pieces after they came out of the molds. We didn’t get to see them pouring or polishing the pewter, but we did get a good idea of what they do to produce the pewter.

I asked some questions, and found out that this factory makes 300 pieces a day, and that they have around 2,400 different varieties of things they make there.

I took some video of the pewter factory, but for now, I’m only going to be able to post the pictures.

At the pewter factory
The heat from the flame melts down the metal.

Making the Molds
These guys are making the molds to pour the melted metal into.

Cleaning the Pewter
After they take the pewter out of the molds, they have to clean it off and then polish it.

I bought some little candle holders and a serving tray. The store is huge, and the prices are great.