Jesus Changes Everything

The gospels and the book of Acts are full of stories of people who encounter Jesus at varying stages of life. Children are brought to him by their parents. Prophets rejoice because they had waited their whole life to meet him.Blind men shout out for his attention because they know he has the power to heal them. Tax collectors climb trees to catch a glimpse of him. Fishermen leave everything to follow him. And many more.

Each person who encounters Jesus has one thing in common: They are forever changed.

That is because Jesus changes everything.

The more I study the life of Christ, the more I realize that Jesus changes everything.

  • He changes the way we parent.
  • He changes the way we relate to each other.
  • He changes the way we use our time.
  • He changes how we spend our money.
  • He changes the way we think.
  • He changes the way we respond to challenges.
  • He changes the way we work.

The list goes on forever.

I will spend my days watching Jesus change lives. Watching him change my own life. I will spend my days proclaiming the truth that Jesus changes everything.