Here are my thoughts in written form. I hope they are valuable and contribute to your growth.

Time Flies

I'm sitting at Starbucks and a lady walks in with an 8 month old baby. The guy next to me (an old retired guy playing video games on his iPad) must know her somehow, or he’s seen her (he seems like a regular). Asks how things are going. They exchange small talk. She...

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Bible Verses About God’s Will for My Life

Throughout my years of working with young people, one of the most often discussed questions is, "How to find god's will for my life." Many middle school, high school, and college students who desire to follow God's word are seeking God's guidance for their lives, and...

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Best Marriage Devotional for Christian Couples

God's Word is the foundation of a christian marriage. Or at least it should be. Married couples who want to honor God and have a strong marriage must seek biblical wisdom through individual daily prayers and regular devotional times. But besides individual daily...

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Helping Kids Love God’s Word

I recently had a conversation on my Podcast with Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins about their new parenting book: Full Circle Parenting (affiliate). One of the quotes that got my attention in the first chapters of the book was: "We need our kids to be more influenced by...

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Best Bible for Teens

(This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you make a purchase with my link...but these opinions are my own.) Although there are many great resources for christian teens to learn more about the truths of scripture during their teen...

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Father’s Day Sermon Ideas

It's almost mother's day in the United States, which means Father's Day is right around the corner, and social media is about to be inundated with pictures and posts saying, "Happy Father's Day!" I thought it would be a great idea to find out what the Word of God says...

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You Don’t Have to “Be Triggered” By Others

I overheard a conversation today where the person was describing a situation in which they were “being triggered” by someone 😡. They responded by getting in a fight and are now going through a lot of consequences of their actions. As they sat there explaining...

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Christmas Humility

I recently had the incredible opportunity to preach at Gulfcoast Fellowship in Palm Harbor, FL, (it's available on Facebook). I preached from Philippians 2, and during the week as I was meditating on the passage, I wrote this:  "Even if Jesus would have been born to...

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019 – Leading Kids with Special Needs with Kevin Kolbe

Kevin Kolbe and his wife have the privilege of being parents to Elias, also known as "Little Dude." Elias was born with some very challenging health issues, and in this episode of the Podcast, Kevin shares a lot about their journey and how they have adapted, how God...

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