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I recently had a conversation on my Podcast with Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins about their new parenting book: Full Circle Parenting (affiliate). One of the quotes that got my attention in the first chapters of the book was:

We need our kids to be more influenced by the Word of God than the world around them.

I love that quote, but sometimes feel overwhelmed about how I can actually practically achieve that. I mean, my kids are influenced by the world around them in almost everything they do: school, internet, friends, etc. The world is constantly influencing and bombarding our minds with things that most likely go against the principles taught in God’s Word.

So, I asked Jimmy and Kristin to give me some practical advice as to how to accomplish what they suggest in the book. How can we help our kids be influenced by the Bible?

Here are their tips:

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Be Influenced by God’s Word

(If you’d rather watch this on YouTube, here’s the link)

Be the Example of Looking to God’s Word: Jimmy says that one of the best things we can do is help our kids love God’s Word by having a quiet time and love for the Bible of our own. They need to see us reading and studying God’s Word, going to church ready to learn from God’s Word, and generally being guided by the Scriptures in our daily lives.

Lean into Resources Offered by Church: Youth groups, youth leaders, children’s Bible studies, and other things that church offers for kids will help put them in front of God’s Word and allow them to think Biblically about issues that are facing them.

Have Continued Conversations about God’s Design: We have a lot of time with our kids, so we can have small conversations over the course of days, weeks, and years about what God’s Word says about certain issues and what we believe about them. Taking advantage of the conversation times is important to help kids be influenced by God’s Word.

Get Them Around Church Leaders Who can Pour Into Them: Parenting and molding our kids takes a lot of people. Help find them good mentors and leaders who can influence them.

Help Them See Their Place in the Body of Christ: If kids can see where they belong and how they can serve, they will see how God created them to be a part of the church and will be influenced by other members of the church.

We talked about this and more on the Podcast.

What do you do to help your kids be influenced by God’s Word?

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