Here are my thoughts in written form. I hope they are valuable and contribute to your growth.

017 – Working With Your Local Church with Paul Turner

Parents and the church should work together to disciple kids. Paul Turner gives some insight into how to improve your relationship with your youth workers.  CONNECT WITH PAUL:  Listen to the Podcast below or on       ...

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Advent Reading Calendar 2020

Advent, the period before Christmas where Christians remember the waiting and anticipation for the coming of the Savior, is a great time for you to begin family devotions at home.  Many believers look for special readings and devotions to prepare their hearts to...

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Leading in Thanksgiving

We're at the beginning of Thanksgiving week, and we're all ready for the turkey, pie, and celebration. As I was thinking about the holiday, I started wondering how well I'm doing on raising my kids and leading my family to be grateful. We all know kids are not born...

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Three Things You Should Teach Your Kids About the Bible

If you're not following me on Instagram, what are you waiting for? Okay...I'm kidding (sort of), but really, you should follow me over there for a lot of "micro-content." Here's one quick post I created over there to remind parents about three things we all need to be...

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Leading Kids to Live by Faith with Joshua Verwers

How can we pass on faith to our teenagers? One of our main goals as parents (and commands by God) is to bring our children up in the training and instruction of the Lord.  In this episode of my Podcast, I talk with Joshua Verwers, a friend of mine and fellow pastor....

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015 – Teaching Kids Civility with Jeff Coleman

How can our kids learn to be civil in a world full of anger and fighting? If we don't teach our kids basic civility, we will only see society continue to decline and division will increase. Parents should be proactive in teaching their kids civility and being positive...

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Leadership Lessons Learned from Game 6 of the World Series

If you know me, you know I’m a huge Tampa Bay Rays fan. We have been watching Rays baseball every night for a long time (even when we were living in Mexico City), and this year’s playoff run has been a highlight of a crazy 2020.  In case you don’t know, the Rays...

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013: Preparing Kids for College with Chris Shepperd

In this Podcast Episode, Chris Shepperd, College Pastor at Brazos Fellowship in Texas, gives tips and advice for Christian parents to prepare their high school children for college as well as what it takes to succeed as a freshman in college.  Listen below or by...

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