Advent Reading Calendar 2020

Advent, the period before Christmas where Christians remember the waiting and anticipation for the coming of the Savior, is a great time for you to begin family devotions at home. 

Many believers look for special readings and devotions to prepare their hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Your family can celebrate together by spending a few moments each day reading and discussing a portion of Scripture. 

There are many reasons to have family worship at home. It is a great way to lead your family well and help your kids see the beauty of the Scripture as well as give you an opportunity to create lifelong habits and important teachable moments in the lives of your kids. 

As I was thinking about leading my family well in Advent season, I began thinking what it would look like to read the entire Christmas story as well as some of the backstory with my family. Then I decided to share with you what I was thinking.

So I put together this printable Advent Reading Calendar for Families.

Some of the readings are short. Others are long. Most of them are (hopefully) just right.

It begins with prophecy to show how God’s people had been waiting for the promised Messiah and then goes through the traditional Christmas readings. The calendar ends with John 3 and praise for what God has done for His people. 

I hope it helps your family, kick starts family worship time, and/or just makes it easier for you to lead your kids to worship Jesus during this month.   

FREE Printable Advent Reading Calendar

Spend a few minutes each night in December leading up to Christmas understanding from Scripture what Christmas is all about.