015 – Teaching Kids Civility with Jeff Coleman

How can our kids learn to be civil in a world full of anger and fighting? If we don’t teach our kids basic civility, we will only see society continue to decline and division will increase. Parents should be proactive in teaching their kids civility and being positive examples in this arena.

In this Podcast Episode, I sit down with an old friend of mine, Jeff Coleman. Jeff served on the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and is founder of Churchill Creative. He also wrote a book titled “With All Due Respect: Recovering the Manners & Civility of Political Combat” (Affiliate).

You can get in touch with Jeff at: https://churchillmedia.org

You can also find the podcast on any of your favorite podcast players. Just search for Dennis Poulette.

If you prefer to watch, here’s the YouTube link: Teaching Our Kids Civility with Jeff Coleman