Here are my thoughts in written form. I hope they are valuable and contribute to your growth.

Interview with Kristen Ivy (Podcast 012)

In this podcast episode, I talk with Kristen Ivy about the Phase Project and how it helps parents understand and lead their teenagers. Listen on Watch on YouTube RECOMMENDED LINKS: - Kristen's Books (affiliate links) - Kristen on Instagram - The Phase...

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Getting Started with Family Worship

Parents are the primary disciple makers of their children. The Bible is clear that Christian parents are to disciple their children and point them to God, sharing with them and showing them how God is faithful to His promises. We see the results of the lack of this...

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Family Communication in Difficult Times

There's a lot going on in the world today. When you turn to the news you see it (on every platform). Pandemics, racism, violence, etc. As a parent, I want to engage my kids in conversations, and as a youth pastor, my job is to engage and guide young people in...

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Teach Your Kids, But Let Others Teach Them, Too!

Lesson learned: when you are teaching someone, remember that you're not the only voice they are listening to (and remember, that's a good thing). I posted this video earlier on LinkedIn, and it's all about how I was bragging on my son during one of our weekly pastor's...

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Why You Should Have Family Worship at Home

In this video, I talk about why Christian families should have family worship at home and give a bonus tip about how to get started with family devotions. If you are interested in learning more about family worship and how to get started leading your family in worship...

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Summer Bucket List for Families

In this video I talk about five principles that will give your family's summer activities list some clarity. All the summer bucket list videos and posts make me jealous! The activities might be fun, but before you plan your summer, think through these five principles....

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Bible Reading Plans for the New Year

A new year is here and many of us are thinking about Bible reading. Today I want to share 5 Bible reading plans you could use to make this a year of great spiritual growth. Keep reading because I’ll also tell you what reading plan I’m going to use and why I’m going to...

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Someone Noticed

To our small group leaders who came with our students on our Fall Retreat this weekend. I noticed: Your setting aside of your own struggles and things you are dealing with at home so you could take time to care for and listen the students this weekend. Your sacrifice...

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The Importance of Patience – Podcast 009

As we're helping the next generation succeed, we need to encourage them and remind ourselves of the importance of patience. As we look at Nehemiah, we see him exercise patience and wait on God to show him what to do. Too often we feel the need to push young people...

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