After I spent the morning in downtown and central park in Tegucigalpa, we went to a pewter store to buy souvenirs. The owners are friends with my friend, so they gave us a tour of the factory, too.

Pewter is pretty interesting stuff. The steps they take to make pewter decorations are very interesting. We saw the guys making the molds for the pewter pieces, heating up the metal to make the pewter, and cleaning the pieces after they came out of the molds. We didn’t get to see them pouring or polishing the pewter, but we did get a good idea of what they do to produce the pewter.

I asked some questions, and found out that this factory makes 300 pieces a day, and that they have around 2,400 different varieties of things they make there.

I took some video of the pewter factory, but for now, I’m only going to be able to post the pictures.

At the pewter factory
The heat from the flame melts down the metal.

Making the Molds
These guys are making the molds to pour the melted metal into.

Cleaning the Pewter
After they take the pewter out of the molds, they have to clean it off and then polish it.

I bought some little candle holders and a serving tray. The store is huge, and the prices are great.