My World Cup Picks

The World Cup is coming to a close. I have followed the tournament like this:

  • In the first round, the USA was my team. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it out of the first round.
  • In the second round, I started off wanting Mexico to win, but they lost to Argentina.
  • With Mexico gone, I was going with Argentina to win, but they lost to Germany.
  • In the semifinals, I wanted Germany and Portugal to win, but they both lost.
  • Now, in the final, I am cheering for Italy (since the USA tied against them), which is probably good news for France.

It’s a good thing I am not a betting man. I would be out a lot of money by now.

And then there were four

In case you missed it, after France beat Brazil today in the World Cup, there are only four teams left: France, Portugal, Germany, and Italy. I’m glad it’s almost over. I sure have been watching too much soccer lately. I can’t believe Brazil lost. I think Germany is going to take the cup. They have the crowd advantage, and they seem to be the strongest team left. What do you think?

The Shot heard ’round the world (or at least in Mexico)

Here’s the shot that put Mexico out of the World Cup this year. It was an incredible shot. We were in Walmart last night, and they were replaying the game. I heard a little kid say, “Ahhh…don’t repeat it!” He said it in the most pitiful voice, and I am sure that his thoughts are the thoughts of all of Mexico. Anyway, here’s the amazing shot that knocked us out.

The Agony of Defeat

Well, today Mexico lost to Argentina in the World Cup. I’ve never seen an outcome of a sporting event depress so many people. The World Cup is so big here. It’s like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, and March Madness all rolled up into one. Plus the fact that everyone is cheering for the same team makes it even more crazy. There’s no disputing if my team is better than your team. So everyone is depressed when our team loses.

Mexico put up a great fight against Argentina, but they just couldn’t pull out the win. Now comes all the second-guessing and commentary about the team. It will be interesting to see how everyone continues with the World Cup. It is the biggest show on earth. I never realized how popular it is all over the world until this World Cup.

(picture by: Arne Müseler on flickr)

Soccer action

This video of a goalie is something I’ve been seeing a lot this past week since the World Cup has been going on. Of course, this fake is one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. (via: Josh Griffin)

By the way, Mexico plays tomorrow against Argentina in the knock out round, in case you haven’t heard. The US is out of it. They just couldn’t get it going this year. That makes living in Mexico pretty difficult due to the bad feelings towards each other soccer-wise. One of my students said to me today that he’d really love to see the US game tomorrow, but, oh, wait, they aren’t playing (he was being sarcastic). That’s what I get for living in a soccer-crazed nation.

World Cup Soccer – US vs Italy

So we spent the afternoon watching the US soccer team play against Italy in the World Cup. The reffing (if you can call it that) was horrible. There were a lot of calls that shouldn’t have been called, especially the two red cards given to the US team. The red card given to the Italy team was deserved for an intentional elbow to the face of Brian McBride. Anyway, the US is still in the tournament. We’ll have to wait until Thursday to see if they advance. They played well today. Now we have to cheer for Italy on Thursday and the US needs to beat Ghana to advance.