Kids at the Pyramids

We took a trip to the pyramids today. I took a lot of pictures, but this one is one of my favorites. Nathan has been studying the pyramids in homeschool, so it was great for him to see them up close and in person.

We decided to only climb up the pyramid of the moon today. It was crazy because the steps are so big for Benjamin’s little legs, but we made it to the top.

It took us forever to come home. There was some kind of protest going on, so the whole highway was reduced to one lane, and the traffic was crazy (what’s new). Overall, it was a good day. I had fun hanging out with my boys.



Xochimilco is one of my favorite places in Mexico City. It has music, food, culture, nature, color and serenity all in one place. The boats (trajineras) are vibrant, the flowers are beautiful, and the atmosphere makes it a must visit for anyone going to Mexico City.

Xochimilco from Dennis on Vimeo.


This quarter I’m teaching an Professional Orientation to Youth Ministry class to the youth ministry students who will be graduating in June. There’s only 2 students in the class, and they had asked me if we could have class at McDonald’s this week. So we did.

We were sitting next to the indoor playground, and there were a few kids playing inside next to us who were starting to get a little loud. As we were finishing up talking about Personality types, Josue said, “It’s shaking. It’s shaking.” I felt it, too, looked around at the flickering lights, looked at him and said, “Yeah, I think it is. Let’s get out of here.” I think it took us about 15 seconds to realize what was happening and get out.

So we picked up our stuff and calmly walked outside. On our way home we saw people outside everywhere who had been evacuated from buildings.

We later found out, as you know by now, that it was an earthquake of about 7.8 on the Richter scale. By the time we got back to the Seminary, everyone was back in class, and my family was fine, but there were aftershocks the rest of the day, and it was certainly the talk of Mexico.

This was the second earthquake we have felt since we’ve been in Mexico City. Please keep praying for our family as we minister in this area, and pray for the people who were really affected by this earthquake. Most of the damage has been minor, with reports of water shortages and electricity being out in areas of the city.

This is Mexico City

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen of Mexico City. I love this city. I know that God loves it, too. I am praying to find people who will also love this city and help share God’s love with the more than 25 million people who live there. Want to be part of it? Contact us.