Today, I had a great talk with Huberto, one of the youth ministry majors at the seminary. He is the only one that is working as a youth pastor at his own church. He told me many encouraging things, but this story stands out as being awesome.

Two weeks ago was pastor appreciation day in the church, but their church didn’t do anything for their pastor. Instead, they were planning on doing somethiing this past weekend. Huberto’s family owns a marble factory where they sell marble plaques engraved with different things. The church asked Huberto to make some little things to hononr the pastor and leaders of the church. So, this Sunday, when they recognized the pastor and leaders, they also recognized Huberto as the youth pastor. This, to him, was a humbling experience. We have been talking about youth ministry as a vocation, and I think this experience at his church made him realize the calling God has on his life. As the young people of the church came up to pray for the various leaders, Huberto realized how many young people there are in the church and how big his responsibility is. Please pray for him as he juggles seminary classes, a job, family responsibilities, and the youth ministry at his church. Pray for me, too, as I constantly feel humbled to be a part of this ministry, and as I try to mentor these guys.