Oaxaca is a beautiful state in Southern Mexico, with incredible mountains, pristine beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. We had the privilege to visit Oaxaca a few years ago for vacation, and it’s still one of our favorite family memories of all time.

Oaxaca is also a state in which opportunities for youth ministry training have arisen in the last few years. Juan, one of the graduates from the Seminary program in Mexico City, has returned to his home state, fired up his youth ministry at his local church, and has begun training youth workers for local churches starting with a certificate level program in Puerto Escondido.

When I was in Oaxaca at the end of December, Juan told me that there was an opportunity to start another certificate level course in the capital of the state, and we are looking into the possibilities to begin in February.

One of the biggest obstacles to training youth workers is that youth ministry is not seen as much of a priority in the local church, but there are a few who are interested and are asking for training. Juan has such a passion and desire to reach young people with the gospel that he is willing to travel to the capital city to train others in youth ministry.

Please pray for this region of Mexico. There is huge potential for growth in this area. Pray that God will open the doors and that many young people will be ministered to in this beautiful area of the country.

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