Today was the first day of Youth Emphasis Week of 2008 for the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. Our Youth Emphasis Weeks so far are just chapel services. We have 3 chapels that we organize. Since I was gone so much, the students are organizing the YEW this week, and today was the first day.

They chose to talk about Global Youth Ministry. They are all fired up from the missions class they just took, so they talked a lot about youth ministry and the global focus of Youth Ministry International.

One story that was compelling to me as I sat there listening to them share about youth ministry and global need was the testimony of Oscar, a third year student in the youth ministry program.

In December, he had told me that he was very confused about his calling. You see, he has a passion for young people, but he feels called into missions. He wasn’t sure how those two could go together until he took the class on missions. He has developed into quite a leader in the last 6 months, and he is excited about the possibilities of being able to minister to young people in another culture. The class on missions was just what he needed at the exact time in his life as God is pointing him in a certain direction.

(Oscar is the one to the right in the photo.)