grupo de estudiantes 1I’m teaching Campus Ministry at the seminary this quarter, and it’s been a difficult class so far. The concept is so new that my students don’t really understand what we are trying to do. We are trying to become insiders on school campuses for various reasons, and as usual, we are coming up against many obstacles. The thing is, we must realize the importance of having a presence on campus. Here are four reasons I believe we should try to penetrate the campus.

  1. Our presence serves as support for Christian students on campus.
  2. Many Christian students feel alone and don’t have any idea that there are other Christians who attend their school. Many times they face strong opposition from teachers and other students, and they need to know that they are supported by others who share a common faith.

  3. Our presence on campus shows the community that we care for young people.
  4. Youth ministers care for young people. If we show the school campus that we really care for young people (by volunteering and helping the school succeed), the community will recognize that.

  5. Our presence on campus links the church with the community.
  6. We do not operate outside of the community. We are not above the people in our neighborhoods. Good Christians should be good citizens, and education is a vital part of any community.

  7. Our presence on campus supports those who care about young people (teachers, principals, etc).
  8. There are many people who have dedicated their lives to helping young people achieve. They are the unsung heroes of our time. Teachers, principals, etc, should be supported and honored, and our presence on campus tells them that we value their contribution.