I will never make money blogging. Although making money would be great, it’s a good thing it’s not the purpose of this blog.

Besides, I just don’t have it in me. Suzie over at abundance highway asks a great question about how many topics should be covered in a blog. It seems that many people who have made lots of money on their blogs say to stick to one topic and write about it constantly.

Those of you who read this know that I deviate often from one consistent topic. I could talk about youth ministry one day. I could talk about missions the next day, and you know I’ll throw something about Mexican culture or global youth ministry into the mix.

These things interest me. They are my life. They are my passion. They are what I feel God has called me to do with my life. It is this mix that makes what we do unique.

So, while thinking about how many topics a blog should cover is something to think about, this blog will probably never only cover one topic, and I’ll probably never make money writing it.

(image by: TracyO on flickr)