After watching the video above, you’ll realize it’s just a marketing scheme. But, I tell you, it has happened to me. Not exactly like that, but in another way at Burger King’s major competition.

Living in another country and learning a new language teaches you many things. You learn from your mistakes. I have. That’s why I don’t go through drive throughs in Mexico. Let me explain.

We drove through a McDonald’s to get a McFlurry. I ordered in Spanish. They didn’t understand me. I said “I want a McFlurry.” After repeating it a few times, they told me that they didn’t sell those. I thought, “What? Of course they sell McFlurrys.” I had eaten them there before. So I just kept on driving and left without my McFlurry. The lesson I learned is that I cannot communicate through a drive through speaker in Mexico. Now, we go in to enjoy our ice cream.