Series: Global Youth Ministry
This post is part of a series on Global Youth Ministry. Be sure to check out part 1 – Why Global Youth Ministry is Important.

Before you talk about a subject, you should define terms so that everyone is on the same page. When I’m talking about global youth ministry, I have a concept in my mind, and I’m sure not everyone thinks as crazy as I do, so I wanted to define some terms for you, at least in my mind, when it comes to global youth ministry and global youth workers.

Global Youth Ministry – Ministry to young people throughout the world. I’m not talking about a U.S. based youth group going on a mission trip, while that can contribute to international youth ministry. I’m talking about the 97% of youth population that lives outside of the United States and deserves the same opportunity for care and ministry that the students in your local high school deserve.

Global Youth Worker – A youth worker who is aware of the need to minister to young people all over the world and is doing their best to actively participate in ministry to young people regardless of their nationality or geographical location. This youth worker sees beyond his own youth group and dreams about personally impacting students throughout the world.

There are reports that 87% of the 3.6 billion people who live in Asia do not personally know a Christian (link). One out of every four young people on the planet live in China. There is a great need for international youth ministry. The youth pastors I know are doing a great job of ministering to their students. I just want to see the same opportunity for young people worldwide.

How would you define global youth ministry or a global youth worker?