The theme of Urbana ’09 is that God Dwelled Among Us. It’s all about how God “moved into our neighborhood” with the incarnation.

In tonight’s general session, we explored this concept a little.

Here are my notes from General Session #1 at Urbana:

When God wanted to show us His love, He chose to have His Son here with us. The incarntation is:

The MEANS by which God reaches out to us.

  • To honor someone in the middle east, you go to them where they are comfortable just like Jesus did with us.
  • When God showed us His love, He came to us.

It is the MESSAGE that God has for us.

  • We have seen His glory.
  • We can experience His grace.
  • We are challenged by His truth.

We should not be surprised if people reject the truth today…they rejected Jesus.

It is the MODEL for how we minister.
As the Father sent me, I am sending you.

Another thing that struck me hard was this phrase: Even the darkness was not dark to you.