After Thursday and Friday’s difficult times with the family of Roman, the weekend just picked up steam. On Saturday morning, we had a leadership team meeting for the youth ministry at our church, Dios Es Amor. We had fewer people there than expected, but we went on with the planning for the next 4 months of youth ministry activities. It was an exhausting but productive day.

Sunday morning we went to church and then we had youth group on Sunday night. We had a sort of “individual worship experience” at youth group. We set up 4 stations that dealt with the Tsunami, Sickness, Death, and Personal Problems. The idea was that each young person could reflect on what they thought about each and what God says about each, as well as giving them the opportunity to pray for their requests and the requests of others. It went well, but it was a lot of work. Please continue to pray for the family who lost their son and also for the rest of the youth ministry at our church.