On Tuesday, June 14, we woke up early in the morning, got a van from Grace Bible Church to the Tampa airport, and checked our 8 suitcases, baby carseat, and stroller. Then we went through security with everyone and all of our carry on luggage. We looked like a traveling circus! Then we got on the plane to Ft. Lauderdale, and after a brief layover (we had about 10 minutes to get on our plane to Mexico), we were off to Toluca.

We landed in Toluca, and then we had to lug everyone onto a shuttle because the plane didn’t land at an actual gate. After what seemed like forever in the immigration line, we finally were reunited with all of our luggage we had checked (whew). In customs, they asked if all of the clothes we had brought was for us. Janell and I looked at each other and smiled, knowing how many clothes three kids go through in a week. We got the okay to leave, and were very happy to see our friends who were going to pick us up and drive us the hour it takes to get from Toluca to our house.

As we were loading all of our things in the van, Nathan was suddenly nauseous. After doing what he needed to do all over the sidewalk, we were off in the van. After about twenty minutes, we were stopped by a policeman asking us why we had so many bags and what we do in Mexico. While explaining what we do, I had to warn him that Nathan was sick and to be careful not to stand too close. He was satisfied with our answers and didn’t ask for any money or anything, so we continued on. Arriving in Mexico City, we were welcomed by the everyday occurrence of traffic, but we finally made it home.

We topped off the day by eating tacos from our favorite taco place. Nathan wasn’t sick anymore, and we were all happy. Shiloh even liked her first taste of real Mexican tacos.

Thanks for praying for our trip. Please keep praying for us. This Saturday is graduation at the Seminary. We will be celebrating the graduation of 3 diploma students and one bachelor’s degree student. We’ll post pictures next week.

(Photo by xlibber on flickr)