This week has been strange because Janell has been sick. Yesterday, Nathan got sick, too. It was the first time he has been sick, so we, the new parents, are a little on edge. He got a fever yesterday, so we gave him Tylenol like the doctor told us.

Last night, I had to preach at a Quinceanera birthday party. It was the strangest party I’d ever been to. Nobody seemed to want to be there. The majority of the family members don’t go to church, so it was awkward for everyone, including the gringo who was preaching (me!).

Today, we stayed home from church because of the sickies in the family. We watched the Dolphins lose to the Bucs, got McDonald’s for breakfast, and watched baseball playoffs. The good news is that Nathan seems to be feeling better, and Janell is feeling mostly better, too. I feel bad for missing church and youth group, but there were no other options.