We need your help. A few weeks ago, I sent an email to our mailing list that said that we really needed prayers for the last of 6 encounters for a Master’s program we are directing in Cuba. I have been going there each January and June for the last 2 and a half years (almost 3 years), and this time will be the last trip I make for a while.

Many of the 13 students in the program have serious issues at home or in their ministries that are affecting them in their quest to complete this once in a lifetime opportunity. Here are a few of the situations that they are facing. Please pray for them.

  • Maykel’s wife is pregnant, and her pregnancy is very high risk. She is due right around when we should be in class. Maykel has been finishing up a thesis he is researching for another degree he is completing at the same time.
  • Pancho was recently told by his doctor to avoid doing anything that requires much effort due to the amount of stress that is in his life. He is taking a sabbatical from his job as the director of the youth program at the Eastern Baptist Convention, but he is continuing his studies to obtain his Master’s in youth ministry.
  • Abdiel and Leza are expecting their first child. While this is a good thing, it’s not easy to be pregnant and do the required work for the youth ministry classes.
  • Giancarlos’s wife has very serious eye problems and may lose her sight if something isn’t done soon. They say there isn’t much that can be done.

We know that these are difficulties that need to be overcome, and we are confident that your prayers will help (James 5:16). Thanks.

(Image by: Carf on flickr)