This week is the week of intensive courses at our Seminary. Dr. Karen Jones from Huntington University is teaching the youth ministry course called “Foundations of Youth Ministry.”

She is focusing on lesson plans and teaching/learning styles. It’s great to have her here with us.

There are lots of things I love about having professors visit Mexico and interact with my students.

Here are a few of them:

  1. The students get to know (and learn from) someone else besides me, who has different experiences and a different teaching style.
  2. The students have the chance to learn from experts in various subjects.
  3. The students have the opportunity to expand their network of contacts in the youth ministry world.
  4. Other professors get to be involved in Global Youth Ministry and can see what is happening in youth ministry in Mexico.
  5. The visiting professors have a better grasp on how to pray for our ministry.
  6. I have time to work on other projects (like our diploma in youth ministry program).
  7. I get to know and network personally with other youth ministry professors.

If you’re in youth ministry, have you ever thought about visiting a foreign country and sharing what you have learned in ministry with youth workers overseas? Youth Ministry International would love to be in contact with you and see how you can contribute to global youth ministry training. Contact us.