Oscar and Huberto at COJUBASURDay Three of our trip was the day we were working with the National Baptist Youth Union to give a full day of workshops to leaders involved in the youth groups at their churches. We had planned it all around the fact that youth ministry revolves around 6 relationships. Oscar, Huberto, Juan, Salomon, Isaac, and I all had a one hour time slot to share.

The group of leaders was about 25 people, and we also spoke about the seminary with the rest of the group. As usual, there was a lot of stuff that we had to do that wasn’t planned, and the day was long. The place we were in was beautiful and hot. Overall, it was a good day. I shortened my workshop because the schedule went long. It was okay, though, and I’ve heard some comments on the fact that is was beneficial. We left the campsite and went to the Fiesta Inn for a GREAT night’s rest.