We took off to Veracruz on Sunday morning, stopping there on our way to a youth camp in Villahermosa. Veracruz is a beach town on the east coast that’s really popular with Mexicans, especially during Semana Santa (the week before Easter). It takes about 5 hours from Mexico City, and you get to pass through all sorts of cool mountains.

mountains on the road 2 Nathan sleeping in the car

We stayed at a hotel with a great view of the Gulf of Mexico, but we were right on a main road, so the view was surpassed by the noise. Nathan loved the pool, though, with his cool new bathing suit.

Balloons Mommy and Nathan from the pool

We got a chance to go downtown, see the zocalo, or main downtown square. This is my favorite part of visiting most places in Mexico. The buildings are always so cool looking, and it’s a great place to get to see most of the culture of a given place. I even had the lucky chance to get pooped on by a pigeon. We also visited the Malecon, or the boardwalk area where there are lots of vendors. We topped off the evening with dinner at a restaurant on the beach.

The cathedral downtown veracruz Restaurant in Veracruz