I ordered two books last night to be sent to me with a team that is coming this weekend. Hopefully, they’ll get to them in time for them to bring them to me.

The Ministry of Nurture is a book I’ll use in my Youth Discipleship class at the seminary this fall. Here’s the description: Trying to build real-life faith into kids may seem a futile task to others, but you know it’s worth it. Duffy Robbins describes a thorough, yet flexible discipleship program that is a time-tested winner with students. Ministry of Nurture examines 7 keys to effective discipleship, plus information on how to help your kids develop their spiritual faith, and exercise their practical faith in everyday life.

The Youth Worker’s Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis is a book that I’ll use for my class called Ministry to Troubled Youth that is coming up in January. Here’s the description of this book: If you work with students, you will encounter crisis. Leading crisis-management expert Rich Van Pelt and respected author and youth worker Jim Hancock unfold step-by-step plans for managing the fallout from all sorts of worst-case scenarios, from substance abuse to natural disasters. This comprehensive manual also includes action items geared to help prevent small crises from escalating to huge ones.

Unfortunately, neither of these books are in Spanish, yet. I’ll have to translate important parts of them and use them in class. There are very few good youth ministry resources in Spanish, making the search for textbooks a never-ending task. I keep telling my students that they will be the authors of the textbooks in the future. That will be great when we have some professional youth workers writing books in Spanish for youth ministry in Latin America.