We have been working a little with Youth Specialties Mexico, especially in helping them plan the annual Summit and other things. You might remember that earlier this year I gave a course at the Summit and organized the breakout sessions.

One of my favorite things that Youth Specialties does, which was actually an event that was happening before Youth Specialties Mexico existed, is called Trasciende. It is a bi-monthly youth leaders’ networking meeting that my friend Timmy started. The idea is that youth leaders can get together and talk about what is happening in their churches as well as find a sympathetic ear to help them with their questions. It is really informal but beneficial to all involved.

We had the latest Trasciende this past Saturday at a coffee shop near our house. I really had a great time, and I met some new leaders that I hadn’t really gotten to know in the past.

Please pray that Trasciende will grow. It is an event that we’re doing all over the country, including Leon, Zacatecas, Mexico City, and other cities.