While we were in the USA I attended the Youth Ministry International annual board meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. Randy Smith, the president of YMI, has invited me to work as the vice president of training operations. Earlier this year, the former vice president resigned, and there is a lot of work to be done to maintain the various programs that are taking place around the world.

After much prayer and consideration, I accepted the position with the condition that I could continue in my work as the director of training for Latin America. So, having returned to Mexico to continue teaching and training here, I am also fulfilling responsibilities as the vice president which include caring for our missionary families around the world and helping them thrive in their ministries. There is more to the job description, and I am looking forward to seeing how God continues to bless the ministry of YMI not only in Latin America, but in other parts of the world as well.

Ever since we first began this missionary journey more than 12 years ago, we have felt God’s call on our life to minister to young people by training youth workers around the world. This new position gives us the opportunity to take the experience we have obtained and use it to empower others to train youth workers and impact millions of young people. Our family is excited about the future, and we are glad to have you on board with us. We would appreciate your prayers for us as we begin this new part of the journey.

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