Taxipng Coming home today from Puebla, we were talking about some of the top things that we hate about driving in Mexico. We were talking about this during the three hour drive, which included about an hour and a half in traffic.

Here’s the list, in no particular order:

  • Buses and taxis everywhere who think they own the road and have no courtesy. Meaning, they stop wherever and whenever they want, cut you off, expect you to let them into the line of traffic, but never let you into the line of traffic. Plus, they don’t really care if they bump into you.
  • People who turn right (or left) from the far left (or right) lane, cutting off anyone who is in the lane that is SUPPOSED to turn that direction (or go straight).
  • Potholes that could swallow a compact car that you don’t see until they have broken your axle (we hit one that sounded horrible).
  • Speed bumps (they call them topes), but we are talking about the kind that are intended to hurt, injure, or render useless any car that doesn’t practically come to a complete stop while going over them.
  • When there is traffic and people decide to turn the shoulder into another lane. Then, when they can’t get past you, they get behind you in traffic and “bump” you.
  • Traffic cops that mostly cause traffic. Maybe that’s where they get their name?
  • While driving down the road, at any given time, someone could be backing up towards you, and you must avoid them. As long as they have their flashers on, there’s no problem.
  • Motorcycles that zip by you (between you and the car next to you) without any warning.

Wow, that list got longer the more I thought about it. Anyway, we’re back safely (thank God) from our trip to Puebla. I’m sure I’ll be posting a follow up traffic post sometime in the future.