Today I taught class at the seminary. I think it went well. The students have no reason to say that they didn’t know how to do the project nor that they didn’t know it was due. We went over it a lot today.

After seminary classes, I went to play tennis with Rob. That makes it two whole weeks in a row! We’re on a roll, now. Except they increased the price. Now, it’s 90 pesos per hour (like 9 bucks). Ouch! At least I won this time.

We went to the grocery store this afternoon. Then we came home and ate a new dish for dinner. It was very good, as usual. Then, we watched 4 episodes of 24 on DVD. It’s crazy addicting. I can’t believe that’s what we did on a Friday night. Oh well.

The boatsTomorrow, for Joel’s birthday, we are all going to Xochimilco. It’s a place where you get in boats and ride around canals and floating gardens and markets and stuff. I’ll give you a complete report tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, but we haven’t been able to go. There are supposed to be around 28 of us going tomorrow, so it should be fun. I know I’ll take lots of pictures and video of it.