ticketmaster.jpgThere is a concert I want to go to tonight at Hard Rock Live, and I wanted to buy my ticket this morning. So we went to a grocery store this morning because they have a ticketmaster. The website says they open at 9 am, so I figured if we went at 9:30, there would be no problems. I was wrong.

When I got there, there were three people from the grocery store working in the electronics store (where the ticketmaster booth is). I approached them. None of them looked up at me. I asked them politely if they could help me with the ticketmaster booth. The two ladies looked at each other like they couldn’t believe I was asking them that. Then they said that the ticketmaster people hadn’t arrived yet.

I asked them if they knew when they would arrive. One lady said 10 am. The other said 11 am. I asked them if it was 10 or 11. The manager looking lady looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Between 10 and 11.” I walked away and mumbled thank you. There’s one for the customer service record books.