You wouldn’t be able to think about how often people tell me, “So, you only have to work two days a week.” They say this because I have class only two days a week (4 hours per day). They think that a seminary prof only has to work the days that he is teaching. Well, they’re wrong.

I do a lot of other things during the week besides time spent in class. Here are some of those things:

617367_five_books_1.jpgBackground reading. Guess what…I read most of what I ask my students to read…and then some. I’m always reading background stuff for my classes. I’m always reading stuff that could be textbooks for future classes. I have to. If I don’t, I’m not up on what’s going on in my discipline.

Grading papers. All those papers, quizzes, and tests that a professor assigns to his students have to get graded. In my case, they get graded by me.

Preparing tests and quizzes. These things don’t self prepare. Someone has to actually make them. That would be me.

Research for upcoming classes. Most of the curriculum for the classes that I will be teaching is in English. I teach in Spanish. My notes are in Spanish. Someone has to translate and adapt this stuff to the culture. That’s my job.

Chapel. We have chapel for an hour every week. Professors attend chapel…most of the time.

Meeting with area youth workers. There aren’t many, but I am trying to get to know them and assist them with their youth ministries.

Advising students. I’m also a Christian Service advisor at the seminary. This means I meet with approximately 8 students every month to talk about their Christian Service. That is, of course, if they show up to the appointments.

617368_five_books_2.jpgPreparing lectures for upcoming classes. Every class has its prep work. I have to read through the material I will be teaching the next day so I can understand and explain it. Class management is a huge part of being the prof.

Promotion of youth ministry major at the seminary. I don’t do this nearly as much as I should. We need new students every year. We need to promote better the youth ministry major. That’s part of my job.

Preparing for informal training sessions. We do a few training sessions throughout the year, but I’m working on a plan to make those a more regular part of what I do here in Mexico.

Preparing for emphasis weeks. We’re having two Youth Emphasis Weeks this year at the seminary. After my rant yesterday, you can see why we need them. So, I have to coordinate that with the speakers and the administration of the seminary.