My List of things to do:

  1. Finish preparing for tomorrow’s class (1st class of the bimester)
  2. Meet with owner of gymnastics school to see if we can rent mats for the group.
  3. Talk to the bus driver to finalize the schedule.
  4. Finish working on stuff for my part in the leadership workshops Note: I’ll have to work on that during this week
  5. Buy water for the group
  6. Finish schedule for the group
  7. Clean house (we’re having some of the group stay at our house)
  8. Finish grading papers from Cuba Note: Will do it when the group leaves
  9. Find a “good” place to buy karate supplies
  10. Work out new schedule with class because there’s a problem with one of the youth majors and our class schedule
  11. Put together some thoughts on PIB’s youth ministry Note: Will work on that throughout the week
  12. Go to meeting about schedule for next week
  13. And the list goes on…

No wonder I’m feeling a little stressed lately. I didn’t even put on there the personal stuff I needed to do. That was pretty much all work related. Wow. I should get busy.