I heard a while ago that the moon would be passing really close to earth last Saturday, and I wanted to take some pictures of it. So I began to read different websites about how to photograph the moon, the best lenses to use (which I don’t have), what time it would be coming out, how long it would be around, where to look for it in the sky, and other things.

Saturday night around 7:40 when I went out to see if the moon had risen, I was greeted with a cloudy sky. So I went back in and waited. I went back out a little later, and I still couldn’t see anything, not even the super moon.

I had to keep checking, and finally, around 10 PM I went back outside, saw it, and took some pictures. Some of them even turned out pretty good.

I learned 3 things from the Super Moon, though.

  1. Always be Prepared – I had prepared to take some pictures of the moon, and this preparation made it easier when the moon finally came out. I knew the right settings to use on my camera and some basic things to make the pictures come out better. “Always be prepared” isn’t just a good motto for the Boy Scouts.
  2. Always be Patient – I have to admit, I was a little frustrated with the way things were turning out. I wanted to take pictures as the moon was coming over the horizon. This would not be possible with the clouds. So I had to wait. I don’t like waiting. But it was worth it.
  3. Use what you’ve got – I’d love to have a bigger lens for my camera, but since I don’t, I have to use what I have (if you’re feeling generous, here’s the affiliate link to the lens I’d love to have). My little lens did a pretty good job, even if it wasn’t the one that the websites recommend for taking awesome shots of the moon. Be content and use what you’ve got. That’s some pretty good advice for life.

So those are some things I learned this Saturday as I went out to shoot the Super Moon. What did you learn this weekend?