If you’re interested in the parable I wrote to preach on the journey towards spiritual maturity in church last week, post a comment and I’ll send you the file. There’s a lot that could be included in it, but it basically outlines 5 steps that a young man takes to become a fully devoted knight of the King.

  1. Responds to the invitation of the King
  2. Draws close to the fellowship of the knights
  3. Learns from the writings of the King
  4. Loves the people like the King loves them
  5. Accepts the challenge to be fully devoted

I preached it in Spanish, so the steps were alliterative, but I haven’t had much time to work on it English, yet. I spent the major part of the time telling the story, and then I asked the listeners where they were in the story. The purpose of a good story is to connect your life with the events of the story. That was my goal with this parable. Anyway, I had said I would post about it, so there it is.