greatpumpkin288.jpg Halloween night passed with a TON of Mexican trick-or-treaters. When we drove through our neighborhood, there were easily 150 people walking the streets. It was crazy. They have a little song they sing that is much more elaborate than “trick-or-treat.” They basically chant “Queremos Halloween”, meaning literally “We want Halloween”. Of course, really they just want candy. It’s been interesting to see it evolve here in the last three years.

Some interesting things about Halloween in Mexico is that it is a huge family affair. They come in gigantic groups. The kids are very polite. The costumes have gone from only being ghosts and witches to some Supermen and Spidermen walking the streets, also.

Of course, Nathan is still a little too little to ask for candy, so we watched the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown together. He loved it. I’m so happy to have someone to watch it with, since Janell doesn’t really like it all that much. Anyway, we had a great time.