future copy.jpg Here’s a rundown of the activities for the next few months. It always seems like there’s a ton of stuff to do. I’m not even the kind of person who thinks that you have to be busy to be successful, etc. Most of these things came to us as invitations more than us looking for them.

February 6-9: Youth Emphasis Week
February 7: School presentation
February 24-25: Youth Ministry Workshop
February 26-27: Visit from two US youth pastors
March 1-2: Final Exams
March 5-9: Master’s Level Youth Ministry intensive at seminary
March 13: Beginning of 4th quarter
March 31: Generaciones Lideres in Puebla
April 1: Special Youth Ministry Service at church
April 2-7: Holy Week – No class
April 7-14: Center for Youth Ministry Quest trip
May 11: End of 4th quarter
May 14-15: Final Exams
May 14-18: Intensive youth ministry course in Monterrey
May 26: Graduation