Happy Thanksgiving. We invited all of my youth ministry students over for a traditional turkey dinner. There were more than 20 of us here eating, and we had a great time. For many of them, it was the first time they had a traditional Thanksgiving, and they learned quickly the effects of gorging yourself on turkey and stuffing.

My friend Glenn tagged me to share five things I’m thankful for. So here it goes.

  1. My family: Janell and Nathan are very important to me. I am so thankful for them. They make me smile and help me get through the many trials that come and go.
  2. Ministry: I believe that the ministry I have is a gift from God. I am thankful for it and for the students I have the opportunity to influence. I see the ministry as something special that I don’t deserve, and I know that what is happening through this ministry is by grace alone.
  3. People who have influenced my life: There are too many to name, but many people have influenced me throughout my lifetime. They have made me what I am today. I appreciate them and am very thankful for them.
  4. Supporters: Many people sacrifice time and money to help support my family. Without them, it would be very difficult to live. I am thankful for those people.
  5. NFL Sunday Ticket: It sounds funny, but it helps keep me sane. I get a slice of “home” every week, and it’s cheap here. I can watch football and listen to English commentators and commercials. Come on, you didn’t think I’d be serious the whole time, did you?

I suppose I’m supposed to tag people. I tag: Tim, Tony, Jim, anyone else who feels like posting.