Virginia Turkey Producto de Chile

Here are two pictures of our Thanksgiving turkey this year. We bought it from Sam’s Club here in Mexico. The name brand is “Virginia Turkey.” When we read that, we thought that it must be imported from Virginia, USA. Then we kept reading the packaging to find out that it is a product of Chile. I wonder if it is from Virginia, Chile. It didn’t taste any different than any other turkey we’ve had before. In fact, it was delicious. It was the first time Janell cooked a turkey by herself, and it was great!

Apple Pie apple cake

Then there was dessert! We have apple pie, apple cake, and a cheesecake. Wow. What a spread for the three of us. We did bring some of the cake to the meal we had with the other missionaries, but that still left us with a lot of food. In fact, we’re not even finished eating.