11-24-06 Thanksgiving Day 015

We had to do a few interesting things to celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico. Since it’s not celebrated here, and many of the things that we have in the USA aren’t here, we had to improvise. For example:

  • To make sausage stuffing, we had to cut open breakfast sausage links to get the sausage meat out of the casings.
  • We had to import stuffing mix.
  • We had to go to a store that has mostly American products (Waldo’s Mart) to buy canned green beans.
  • We didn’t get to watch the Dolphins’ game because they only showed the Cowboys and Buccaneers game.
  • We had to do our DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING shopping online. (Actually, that was better than fighting the crowds.)
  • We got lucky that there was no youth ministry class at the seminary on Thursday (but there was class today).

We’re not complaining. We are very thankful that we could eat Thanksgiving meal together as a family and spend time with our friends last night. We are very blessed and thankful to serve in Mexico. THANK YOU for your continued support and prayers for us and the ministry here.