The Boys and their Sister

Nathan wants to introduce you to someone. He’s so excited to have a sister. Ben still isn’t sure what he thinks about her yet. I’m sure he’ll love her soon enough.

Nathan went to Build a Bear

Nathan has been really wanting to go to Build a Bear since we got back from Mexico. He’s been good, and Janell got a coupon (go figure), so she took him today. He made a doggy, named him Buzz, and got him a Buzz Lightyear outfit. He loves him so much already.

Birthday Cake

Here’s a quick glimpse of our family birthday time. Janell made a carrot cake (delicious). Nathan helped me blow out the candles, and Ben watched it all (Recorded in photo booth).

New Family Portrait

We were playing around with the webcam on the computer and took this picture of the whole family. I like it.

Playing with Photobooth and the whole family

This one would be great if we didn’t cut off Ben’s head. I love the expression on Nathan’s face. He was having so much fun.

Playing with Photobooth and the whole family