subwayThat feeling of accomplishment swept through my body yesterday as I officially took a micro-bus (combi) to the metro station, bought my ticket, rode the subway to my final destination (I road the entire blue line – 1 hour), and found where I was going. All for about 60 cents. That was just the beginning of a great day.

I was going to an event hosted by Dimension Juvenil. Jeffrey DeLeon, a friend of mine I met in Ecuador and leader of lideres juveniles, invited me to share a workshop with him at an event for youth leaders. After our workshop, many people came up to me to ask about training. It was incredible.

I also got to spend a lot of time with another friend of mine, Josue. We got to talk a lot about youth ministry, youth ministry training, and life. It was great to spend the day with him. We realized that we have a lot of work to do. Anyway, it was a great day for the ministry and a great day of personal accomplishment. I’ll post pictures of the event later.