Tuesday, the sermon in chapel was about the failure of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The main point was that God chooses to use failures so that He gets the glory. I was thinking about how those people probably felt in the times of their failure. Probably not too different than how I feel when I fail in my journey.

Here are some of my thoughts about success and failure.

Your success or failure today does not determine your destiny.

If you succeed today, there is always a chance that you will fail tomorrow. You never reach unlimited success. It is a feigning achievement. Very few people stay on top forever. Very few succeed in every endeavor. Very few never fail.

If you fail today, you can always learn from that failure in order to succeed tomorrow. Failure doesn’t have to be fatal. It can be turned around. You cannot let it get you down and stop you from attempting to succeed again. Failure does not have to be your destiny. Pick yourself up. Learn from your mistakes. Go out and succeed tomorrow.

I also made a video you can watch here.