Each year we give an exit interview to our Senior youth ministry students. We ask questions about ministry abilities, beliefs, personal devotional life, and other things. The students are always really nervous, but it has become one of my favorite parts of my job.

Yesterday we interviewed Kareny and Josue, a couple from Monterrey who will be graduating in June (if they pass all their classes next quarter). Their stories reminded me of how God works in our lives and weaves His grace into every circumstance.

Josue tells the story describing how, after being raised in a Christian home and watching his Dad as a pastor, he loved studying music and was on his way to being a professional musician. However, he was constantly thinking about the ministry he was developing in his church. Then, one day, his non-Christian guitar teacher told him, “Shouldn’t you be doing something else?” Josue realized that God was prompting him to be involved full time in ministry.

Kareny shared about how she strayed away from Jesus in her teen years, despite being raised in a Christian family. In a period of two weeks, God got her attention through an accident and later a church camp. She was originally going to attend a different Seminary, but those plans fell through, and she believes it was so that she could study youth ministry at our Seminary, which is what God has called her to do with her life.

The reason I love the interviews is that I get to hear the students tell their own stories in their own words and realize how God has moved in their lives until now. They get to reflect over how God has moved throughout their lives, and we all get to benefit from it.

I am very proud of these two and how they are developing as people and as ministers. I pray that God will bless their marriage and ministry in the future.