It may have something to do with the new book I’m reading about storytelling, but I have been noticing that stories are an intricate part of our lives. We live stories, and our stories connect us to each other. When we get together, our conversations are stories. We talk about our kids, our work, our families – basically our lives, in stories.

I have been going to the Panera Bread down the street in the mornings to finish preparing for my classes, and without wanting to, I listen to the conversations around me. People are telling stories. Stories are the fabric of our lives. One of our main methods of communication is sharing stories.

I think stories connect us and interest us while entertaining us. I think that we pastors and youth workers need to learn to communicate in stories. Jesus did it by speaking in parables. The Bible is a mostly collection of stories that we turn into boring (many times) sermons. I want to connect with people by telling stories, and I want to learn how to be a good storyteller.