I love to go to Starbucks to work, but I don’t like to pay for WiFi. All I ever buy is the brewed coffee of the day, and I like to spend a long time in the Starbucks when I go because I can get into a groove and get things done.

But I’ve been going to Panera Bread instead because they have free refills and free WiFi. But that is going to change soon.

How come I haven’t been using a Starbucks Card Rewards all summer long? I just found out that you can get a Starbucks card, register it online, and then you get all sorts of rewards.

Here are the rewards: Free refills on brewed coffee; Free WiFi; Free Beverage Customization; and Free Beverages when you buy beans.

I got a card and signed up today, and now I’m looking forward to turning Starbucks into my new office (sorry, I’m ditching Panera Bread.)

(Image by: MightyKenny on Flickr)