Today was the last day of class in Mexico, and the beginning of Holy Week. It’s what Americans would call Spring Break, and the Secretary of Tourism estimates that 25% of all Mexicans will travel during the two week vacation time.

The economic impact of the vacation period is estimated to be 2,875,000 dollars, and the places most visited during this time are, of course, the beaches. More than 25 million Mexicans will be traveling to Acapulco, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, and Veracruz. The major cities are also places that people visit during this time of year.

As for us, we’ll be staying home. I’ll be grading papers, even though there are no classes at the seminary. There are some youth activities going on (camps and retreats) that our students will be participating in, and they’ll be promoting the youth ministry program, too.

I’m hoping to get to be a tourist in the city a few days, since there should be about 7 million fewer people around during these two weeks.