Tomorrow I’m speaking at a youth event at our local church. It’s called “Epicentro”, and my talk is about a “Spiritual Seismograph.” I’m talking mostly about our commitment level to Christ and what that looks like on a daily basis.

As I was researching seismographs, I found it interesting that a seismograph always must be attached to bedrock. Otherwise, there will be false readings in the reports that it generates.

For example, in our house in Mexico, we have a giant window that rattles like crazy every time a truck goes by, which is several times a day. What sounds like it could be a giant earthquake is usually just a gas, garbage, or water truck, making it hard to detect when a real earthquake is happening.

The spiritual life is the same. We often feel as though we are being moved by something, but if we are not deeply rooted in the bedrock of our faith, which is Jesus, we will be shaken by all sorts of things and get a false reading.

What moves us needs to be Jesus moving from deep within our hearts. It has to do with Peter’s response in Mark 8:29 when he responds to Jesus with a strong conviction that He is the Christ.

Please pray that tomorrow I can lead students to a greater understanding of who Jesus is and how He should move them throughout their lives so that they can have a strong commitment that guides them to where they need to be in order to make an impact for eternity.