We have so many special people in our lives. Our students. New friends. Family members. The list could go on, but it’s always fun to see old friends again.

Steve and Mary Waechter were some of the first missionaries we met when we came to Mexico. We lived in their house while they were in the USA for a year, taking care of their dog, cat, and bird (and killing their plants).

Steve taught at the Seminary, and we spent lots of time talking about ministry, missions, college football, and all sorts of other things.

Their family moved away about 3 years ago, and Steve came back this past week to teach a Master’s class at the Seminary. Besides the fact that he brought us some great stuff from the USA (and 35 pounds of homeschooling books for next year), it was just good to get to hang out with him again.

We are so thankful for the special people God has placed in our life. Thank YOU for being part of our life.